Reasons for the Slow Growth of venture funding Entrepreneurs in India.

The meaning says, Entrepreneurs assemble and allocate resources including innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods. The saying goes like “Take the plunge and lead the way”. An entrepreneur is definitely not afraid to take venture funding. There are lots of obstructions that ail a budding entrepreneur in India. That isn’t to say there aren’t any entrepreneurs in India. It is just that the number is of entrepreneurs springing up isn’t that encouraging an amount.
Let’s consider a few of the reasons venture funding.
1. Lack of family support: This is an issue that’s plaguing entrepreneurs worldwide more so in India because of the stronger family ties that we Indians have. Support of loved ones is always absent in cases. Parents always prefer their progenies to consider a typical 9-5 job rather than take up a risky business enterprise high is absolutely no guarantee that the venture works out and there’s always a really higher level of risk involved.
2. Government regulations: The few ventures that
break free from the shackles from the usual problems get entangled in the antiquated policies in our government. The very fabric our administrative system hinders the organic development of entrepreneurial ventures.
Insufficient Internet venture funding: Around the world a lot of the innovations exist in the web space. In India the web usage percentage stands at a meager 5% which is number causes it to be very hard to usher in money and the few entrepreneurial ventures that actually get graced by vice’s run in to problem later on during the course of operation.
4. Indian education system:
The main reason there’s really low innovation in this subject is because of our educational system. Right from its inception our educational system has hardly had any focus on innovation. It is just like we have been trained in rote learning rather than apply our minds. With no killer innovative idea there is no way an entrepreneurial venture can sustain itself past the initial stages.