Oriental Rug Cleaning Fairfield County Tips

When you are getting a new rug, you would like it to last for a long time and also to look fabulous every day. It’ll only rise in value through the years, that makes it that much more important to take care of it properly.

The first part of fixing your rug would be to ensure that it’s cleaned regularly. You are able to vacuum your rug at least one time per week; however when you do try to use low suction and keep the beater brush set so that it will only skim the surface of the pile. If you can use a carpet broom or perhaps a straw broom instead of a vacuum, that would be ideal. The key here’s that you do not want to strip natural lanolin out of your rug or it will become dry and lose its natural luster.

For those who have a spill on your Oriental Rug Cleaning Fairfield County, you’ll be able to often fix it yourself by blotting it dry after which applying a solution of 2-3 drops of mild soap and water or water and 1-2 teaspoons of white vinegar. One other good choice for soap is shampoo. It’s gentle and designed to clean natural fibers. Only blot gently. Furthermore routine and spot cleaning, it is important to take your rug to some professional rug cleaner every 6 or 7 years.

There are occasions where Oriental Rug Cleaning Fairfield County might become wet, such as if your home was flooded.

If your rug ever becomes Oriental Rug Cleaning Fairfield County, you have to hang it up immediately. A wet rug should never be left on the ground for any period of time. Hang the rug outside if at all possible and allow it to air dry. Makes it 100% dry both back and front before placing it on the floor once again.

Another important part of your rug care would be to rotate the rug periodically. This is done for two reasons. One is that the areas of wear will be changed every so often, which will ensure that the rug is also worn over the years. The other need to rotate the rug is to be sure that the rug is in different positions relative to the daylight so the natural fading of the rug colours will be even. Rotating once every couple of months is a good guideline.