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The multinational division of German manufacturer Daimler AG is known as Mercedes Benz. Apart from being a high end luxury automobile brand, it also manufactures buses, trucks and coaches. Mercedes Benz traces its origins back in Daimler’s 1901 Mercedes and Karl Benz patent motorway of 1886 even though it made its first appearance only in 1926 under Daimler-Benz. A part of the German big 3 luxury automakers along with Audi and BMW it is one of the best selling automobile manufacturers of the world. The 1886 Benz patent motorway, patented in January of the same year is the first petrol powered car. All through the 1930’s, Mercedes Benz produced the 770 model. This car was extremely popular during Germany’s Nazi Period. During his time in power, Adolf Hitler was known to travel in these cars which were fitted with bulletproof windshields. Over the years Mercedes has constantly been innovating itself and many technological and safety measures that were developed by their R&D wing has been later adopted by vehicle manufacturers across the world. Mercedes Benz is not only one of the most popular automotive brands of the world; it is indeed one of the oldest. The Mercedes alloys are also some of the best wheels in the market today. From the very beginning, Mercedes Benz has strictly kept up to its quality and durability and for this reason they have consistently won many accolades for its build quality and reliability as Mercedes wheels are one of the most reliable alloy wheels. Mercedes Benz parts online – Including the Platinum plant Quality Award for its assembling unit in Fingerling of Germany. The automobiles are manufactured in multiple countries across the globe. A dedicated R&D has over the years developed many concept vehicles with alternative propulsion. Some of them are hybrid-electric, fully electric, fuel cell power trains among others.

Mercedes Benz parts online – Several technological innovations have been introduced over time including:

  • An internal combustion engine vehicle was developed in 1886.
  • Honeycomb radiator which is still in use today on all water cooled vehicles owes its origin to Mercedes Benz
  • The float carburetor was invented by Daimler and was in use until fuel injection technology was developed later.
  • Mercedes Benz parts online – One of the pioneers in vehicle manufacturing with modern configuration, Daimler introduced the ‘dropped’ chassis concept i.e., one of the first of its kind carriages with lowered carriage set between front and rear wheels. These were run by front engines and powered rear wheels.
  • Mercedes Benz also boasts of being the manufacturers of the first road car with brakes on all the four Mercedes wheels.