Lightning Cans Listen and Charge at the Same Time.

Instead of just making a pair of lightning connected headphones with solid sound quality like so many before them, Pioneer actually pushed the envelope even further and addressed the ugly dongle issue we mentioned previously be integrating a lightning port (female end) into the ear bud’s cord so that you can both listen to your music and charge your phone at the same time, without a dock, dongle or any other contraption!

This is truly an industry first.. The combination of hifi lightning cable headphones that allow for phone charging without disrupting the listening experience. Nobody else is doing this!

Lightning Cans Bravo Pioneer for not just settling for a pair of cool lightning ear buds and instead choosing to set new standards in terms of usability. Bravo indeed

Smart Controls

Besides just being awesome for allowing you to charge your phone and listen to music (hello Apple, why with all your billions couldn’t you figure out something like this?) the Rayz Plus also sport some very innovative “smart” features not found in regular 3.5mm cabled headphones or even in most new Bluetooth headsets either.

6-Mic Inline Controls

The Rayz Plus have a built in microphone and controls on the cable, and also include an extra button that can be programmed to command custom tasks via an app on your phone.

The Rayz Plus have a total of 6 built in microphones to help make phone calls seamless and also work with the active noise cancellation that is built into the units, making them great for frequent flyers or just people working in noisy cafes or offices.

In-Ear/Out-of-Ear Detection

The Rayz Plus also features an intelligent ability to stop music when they are removed from your ears. Yes, similar to Air pods (read here for our honest opinion on Air pods), the Rayz Plus will know when they’re in your ears and play the music when inserted, and pause it when they are removed. This is great for people who have to regularly stop their listening to talk to others, or just take care of business without music distracting them.

The drivers themselves are nothing short of the high quality you would expect from Pioneer, which is perhaps most known for making high end DJ equipment used by stars the world over. The driver units themselves are 9.2mm  large and produce responses from 10Hz all the way up to 22,000Hz at a full hi-res digital bitrates of 24bits or 48 kHz. Music from your iPhone has never sounded so good