How to Install a Duct Fan to Lower Heating and whole house fans installation

What is an air duct enthusiast? It’s a fan that is placed in the actual channels in your house to move atmosphere from one part of the home to a different. Why did all of us add a duct enthusiast inside the channels within our home? For the reason that there exists a 2nd floor which includes an office, your bathroom and just what all of us contact the craft room. Whole house fans installation – Our ac device simply couldn’t obtain sufficient air to the upper level. During the summertime, it had been always hot and during the winter months, it was usually too cold. The brand new HVAC system we had set up in the house this past year was supposed to be big enough in order to heat and funky the entire home. The issue ended up that whenever the house had been built, the first service provider made some glaring mistakes.

We had ducts that did not proceed anywhere and/or were not sized properly for the ventilation required. Once the brand new air conditioner had been placed in, which was just about all set aside from the actual air duct visiting the 2nd floor.

All of us considered the options and chose to put in a whole house fans installation here is the way I installed it.

I opened up the availability air duct before this went into a provide submission box. The actual distribution container supplied the upstairs registers. The air duct was 12 inches, so placing the 12-inch enthusiast was not an issue.

Then I cut into the actual flex air duct and drawn the Mylar and fiberglass materials back.

I checked for the air flow direction arrow on the side of the actual fan to ensure I didn’t have the enthusiast dealing with the wrong path. I then placed it.

The duct enthusiast itself is only a difficult galvanized metal pipe using the enthusiast mounted inside it and two cables hanging out through a plastic grommet. I mounted a typical metal electric container aside from the enthusiast real estate that will allow me to connect just about all cabling inside a guarded enclosure. I truly hate to determine cables free and merely connected together. Also, the National Electrical Code requires this.

Whole house fans installation – The next step is in order to reattach the supply duct towards the enthusiast. Once again slip the Mylar lining within the outside the fan housing and tape this using Aluminum foil Sealer tape, cement adhesive tape or even butyl tape. Each one of these tapes is a steel-faced mp3 having a gentle foam coating to seal the mp3 to the air duct. It is really tacky things and it works excellent! Make sure you close off everything as you do not want any kind of air leakages.

After that include the whole assembly with increased air duct insulating material to help keep just about all atmospheres moving with the ducts and never dripping out. Or no air leaks out; you could have condensation externally the actual fan housing. This particular water may drip lower as well as wreck your roof. I personally use foil tape having a fiberglass reinforced lining. I additionally make use of an aluminum foil tape for sealing important joints as well as seams towards moisture and vapor on aluminum foil coat insulation.