How To Find A New Workout Buddy – Healthy Lifestyle Coach

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How To Find A New Workout Buddy – Healthy Lifestyle Coach

How To Find A New Workout Buddy – Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Getting in the habit of working out regularly may be difficult to stick with especially if you haven’t exercised in a long time. Developing new habits to adhere to on a weekly basis often takes time and consistent repetition to truly take hold. Therefore one way to get yourself into the weekly workout ritual is with a workout buddy or Coach – someone who is willing to exercise at least 2-3 times per week with you.

Before you say “I have no one to workout with”, you may be surprised at all the sources of potential candidates you may not have considered. The following list should help give you ideas of who you might want to ask to see if they’re interested in beginning a regular, weekly exercise routine.

In regards to how you can bring up this topic, you can simply state that you are going to start exercising regularly and wanted to know if they would like to join you. Tell the person that by working out together, you will help motivate each other to stick with a consistent exercise plan which will help you both achieve your weight loss goals. Be sure to agree on the days, times, and activities you are going to do so you have a set plan in hand.

The following list should provide you with a number of potential workout partners, however if you already have a few people in mind, ask them first. Who knows, after going through your list of friends, family, and contacts you may find a group of 5-10 people who are eager to start working out regularly. That’s great since everyone’s schedules and workout days may differ, so you may find that you will be able to workout with a certain small group of people on Monday evenings, and a completely different group of people on Wednesdays.


If you have brothers or sisters that you live near, check and see if they would like to be your workout buddy.

Family Members

Aunts, uncles, and cousins are another source of potential workout partners, so take a moment and consider those who you think may be interested.

Immediate Group of Friends

The friends you regularly hang out with are another excellent source of possible workout partners. Since you know them well, you may already be aware of those who want to start exercising and working out. Bingo! Perfect workout buddy.


Depending on how long you have lived at your current residence you may or may not have developed open lines of communication with the neighbors around you. If you have, then you might have a few potential candidates.


Since these are the individuals you most likely interact with Monday through Friday, you have probably developed a camaraderie. Check with those you are closest with and see if any are interested in working out regularly and you may have a new workout buddy or two.

Facebook or Social Media “Friends” or Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Last but not least consider your Facebook friends or other social media connections such as Twitter or Instagram for a workout buddy. You can post a general statement on your profile or send individual private messages to the ones you think may be interested.

Remember, there’s power in numbers. By simply finding someone who has a common interest to lose weight and get in shape, you may find yourself more inspired to stick with a regular exercise routine. Carefully consider the people who may be good candidates to workout together and don’t be timid to ask them if they’re interested. The worst they can say is “no thanks”, and better yet, you may find a new workout buddy (or two, or three) that will help you consistently stick with an exercise plan to get you into better shape.