Basic Silicone Fusion Treatment – Using a Moisturizer for a Facial Treatment Makes Your Skin Look Younger.

A facial treatment with a moisturizer as you start your day will protect your skin from dryness and other pollutants. It also guards against UV rays and free radicals that can cause further damage. This is probably the most common type of facial treatment because so many people have dry, flaky skin. In addition to preventing dry skin, moisturizers provide other benefits by protecting sensitive skin, masking imperfections while improving skin tone and texture. The first goal of any moisturizer is to keep the outer layer of the skin hydrated. Some products may even rejuvenate dull looking skin and unclog pores. Most moisturizers are formulated using humectants and emollients along with other ingredients. Humectants, which include ingredients such as urea, glycerin, alpha hydroxy acids and others, attract and absorb water from the air and keep this moisture in the skin, however, they require very high which humidity to be effective. Humectants also work to soften thick or scaly skin.

Emollients are ingredients that include lanolin, mineral oil, petrolatum, and others that fill in the gaps between the skin cells. Basic Silicone Fusion Treatment – This helps to replace the lipids which smooth and lubricate rough skin. Emollients can be either water or oil based. Oil based emollients consist of a small amount of water dissolved in oil whereas water base emollients are mostly water and have a light, non-greasy feel. Oil based creams will leave a slight residue on the skin however; they retain their effectiveness longer than the water-based creams. Water-based creams are easier to apply but do not last as long. Most creams available today are water-based creams. Most moisturizers contain a fragrance which makes for a pleasant smelling product as well as disguising the smell of other ingredients. Sometimes the fragrances used in skin-care products can result in an irritation or allergy.

Basic Silicone Fusion Treatment – Vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, anti-oxidants, sunscreens and sunless tanners are other ingredients that may be found in moisturizers.

If a product contains water and oil it must also contain preservatives to prevent it from becoming contaminated with bacteria after it is opened. These preservatives can sometimes cause skin allergies or reactions.

Moisturizers are probably the most important product you can use for a facial treatment. They not only protect and revitalize the skin but they prevent further damage. In addition they provide a good foundation when applying makeup. Basic Silicone Fusion Treatment – There is a large selection of moisturizers in the marketplace with the main difference being price. But the decision on which product to use should be based on a specific need. A younger person with normal skin or someone with acne will have different requirements than that of an older person. A moisturizer is a must if you want to maintain healthy skin but you must use what is right for your skin type.